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pedometer step count calories


pedometer step count caloriesstep counter counts the number of steps, calories burned, time and distance on your mobile phone. this is a great help when you are on a diet or want to get in shape. the advice is to walk at least 10,000 steps daily.
use this step counter during different sports such as running, walking, running or cycling. This pedometer uses the accelerometer of your mobile phone to count steps and calories, and is very economical with the use of your battery. This is in contrast to other steps counters that make use of the GPS sensor. This diet pedometer works best when you wear it on your belt or confirm in your pocket while walking, running or walking.
This app is completely customizable to your own settings. Please take a second to adjust it your personal preferences.
Features of this application:Step detector calibrationrunning in backgroundtwo exercises: running and walkingkilometers or miles unitssteps / distance calculatordistance / hour calculatorcalories burned calculationpace or speed maintenancevoice notification
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